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Bethel Ministry Center Tithing Decree

Because I am a faithful & cheerful tither; the devour, is rebuked for my sake. Because I am willing & consistently giving my offerings, increase is chasing me down.  I decree and I declare that money cometh to me, for the sake of the Gospel. I decree and declare that Bethel Ministry Center will have an abundance of finances, properties, equipment, and my church will be able to do everything that God has called us to do as the body of Christ.

According to Mark 11:23; we are commanded to speak to our mountain. Therefore, Debt, I speak to you now in the Name of Jesus: be paid and be gone. Dematerialize and cease to exist. I now declare that all of my debt, mortgages, loans, student loans, bills, and notes are paid in full, cancelled or dissolved in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Because I am the seed of Abraham, there is an inheritance on my life. Therefore by faith,

 I rightfully receive all that belongs to me. I call forth raises, bonuses, unlimited commissions, goal breaking sales, and extraordinary favor in the marketplace. My business is prosperous, clients are looking for me now, my products are sold out, and my calendar has gone from overlooked to overbooked. I am the faithful overseer of multiple streams of income. The Holy Ghost locator will bring monies into my hands, bank accounts, and mail boxes.

 According to Psalm 35:27, The Lord is magnified and takes pleasure in my prosperity. Therefore, let the Lord be magnified that I am advancing in the Kingdom of God. Because I diligently obey the voice of God; God commands the blessing to be upon me. I am grateful that you have granted me with many goods. Thank you Lord, that I am the head, I am above, and I am the lender to many nations.

Because I am a faithful member & tither of Bethel Ministry Center, I do not pay full price for anything!!



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